Property Sourcing

What are your primary aims when investing in a property?

Do you intend to build an income that you can live on? Or do you wish to boost your retirement fund for later life?
Whatever the aim or the ambition, Mason Investing can help you to take the proper steps and ensure they are correct. We source properties for our clients, allowing you to find the best HMO and Buy To Let rental properties. This includes renovation projects and ready-to-move-in properties. We find, search, view, and compare the best deals to save time, money, and effort.

What matters when sourcing property?

You have many things to focus on when it comes to sourcing property. We focus on the following:

  • The Location. This is essential, as the right location can lead to high-value rental income opportunities with minimal overheads.
  • The Cost. The price is vital to any home purchase, so we look to find homes with the right conditions for the price asked.
  • The People. From the seller to the tenants living there, ensuring you get the right people involved is essential.
  • The Process. This includes the purchase agreement, surveys, and legal paperwork. Having a team that can handle all of this is essential.

At Mason Investing, we understand that property sourcing has to be tailored to each client’s needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to ensure you get the right solution for your next venture. So whether it’s a buy-to-let or a renovation project, our team can help you find the perfect property for your aims and ambitions.

Develop the best portfolio with property sourcing expertise.

All it takes is one mistake, and your property portfolio can sink before it has a chance to swim. With Mason Investing, you do not have to worry about buying into a property with well-hidden nightmares. Instead, asking us to source property on your behalf means that you will save yourself valuable time, money, and effort.
It also means that you know property investment specialists vet all homes recommended for purchase. Of course, we have an eye for hidden value, but we can spot the potential headaches a mile off. This lets you ensure that your investments will suit you.
We can assist if you are targeting a Buy To Let investment, a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO), a serviced accommodation, or even a property to flip. Please let us know your current ambitions, financial position, and when you are ready to take action.

Contact us today to discuss your property search and get started on the journey to success! With our expertise, you can rest assured you are making the best decisions when it comes to property investments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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